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What is the way to turn on call recording on Android 12 or 13? require root!


In today's lesson, we will guide you through detailed steps so that you can turn on the call recording feature on any Android phone, whether it is Android 12 or Android 13 (or even older system versions). Almost all smartphone manufacturers put the call recorder feature “by default” inside the operating system, and the advantages that you will get with this feature are very many and I think you probably know it.

Unfortunately, the problem here is that the call recording feature is not activated by default in all geographic areas due to some security concerns and in consideration of privacy law, but the reality is that the mere presence of the feature on the phone is more than enough, and the remaining steps are doable (if you have the ability and patience to implement steps). So, on this page, you will learn how to activate this feature on your Android phone even if it has the latest version of the operating system, using the Google Calls application.

Turn on Call Recording on Android

In these next steps, we are basically going to change four different values ​​within the Google Phone app which are as follows:

  • G__enable_call_recording
  • G__force_within_call_recording_geofence_value
  • G__use_call_recording_geofence_overrides
  • G__force_within_crosby_geofence_value

Of course I won't need to remind you that these steps require a rooted Android phone! So in the event that you have not done the root yet, then go to this lesson if your phone is on Android 12, or go to these steps if your phone is on Android 13, or browse our root section to make sure if there is an explanation dedicated to your phone only. Here you will not need to install an advanced recovery, only root permissions will suffice.

Once you have rooted your phone, then proceed to the next steps:

Important Warning: You should not perform any of these steps without first making sure that call recording is legal in your country.
  1. Download the Phone by Google app from the Play Store.
  2. Download the Google Dialer Mod from GitHub.
  3. Install the extension and allow it to root.
    Download Google Dialer Mod
  4. Within the application options, enable the following options:
    Force enable/disable call recording 
    Silence Call Recordings Alerts
  5. After you are done, go to Settings > Applications > and search for Google Phone.
  6. Now go to Storage > Clear App Data and tap OK.
  7. After completing the previous step, completely stop the application “Force Stop” and press OK.
    Force Stop Google Phone app
  8. Now launch the app again and go to its settings from the top.
    Turn on call recording in the Google Calls app
  9. Here you should see the option to record calls under the option of Calling accounts.
    Enable Call Recording on Google Phone app 01
  10. If the option still does not appear, repeat Steps 6 & 7 again.
  11. You may need to go through steps 6 and also 7 more than once (up to 4 times) for the option to appear.

If everything is done correctly and you have done all the steps as mentioned above, you will be able to record all the calls on your Android phone (both outgoing and incoming) even if you are on the latest operating system on your phone that does not support this feature on by default. And if you have any questions about these steps, or even if you have another easier way than mentioned here that you use to record your calls, then we hope you tell us about it in the comments section below.