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What is the way to hide applications on Android phones in 2023? Detailed steps


Now you can hide Android applications as well as Samsung phones without programs. You may have several reasons why you might want to hide certain apps on your smartphone. Either because you want to keep work applications or banking applications in your daily dealings out of the hands of your children while they are using your phone, and you may not want some intrusive people to see the applications you are using now, or maybe you just want to hide some applications! Anyway, knowing how to hide apps on your Android phone will always come in handy even if you don't use these steps now.

So, you may be wondering, what will happen when you hide an app on your Galaxy phone? No one will be able to find this application while browsing the applications that are currently installed on your phone, but of course this does not mean that there are no other ways to find these applications because the history of installed applications within the Google Play Store on your phone always contains the list of applications that you downloaded before, Also, the folders of these applications on the storage memory will remain the same on the phone, and you will not be able to hide them.

All you will do here is hide the application icon itself from the list of phone applications on the home screen or the applications button, and you will also remove this application from the search results on the phone. Even if someone is looking for a specific app that you already downloaded and installed and they try to search with the same name as that app, they won't find it either if you follow the steps to hide it mentioned on this page.

The only way here to see a hidden app on your Android phone is to go to Settings > Apps > Installed apps to see the apps that have been downloaded and installed on that phone (even if they were downloaded from outside the Play Store). Or the other way is by going to the file manager > internal memory folders > android folder > data folder and searching in the list of application folders on the phone.

And if you were wondering, the process of hiding apps is different than turning them off from Settings. For example, applications that come pre-installed with the custom phone interface such as One UI or MIUI , which you will not be able to uninstall and all you can do here is turn them off from the settings only. However, since they are default applications, stopping them may affect other basic functions within the system, so perhaps the best option here is to just hide them so that you will not have to deal with them again.

So, today we will talk about very useful steps, which is how to hide applications on Android phones (or Samsung phones in particular), without having to turn off this same application from the settings if you use it from time to time.

Steps to hide applications on Android phone

  1. On your Samsung phone, swipe up from the bottom on the home screen.
  2. Above, open the three vertical dots menu (in the right or left corner, depending on the language used).
    How to hide apps on Samsung phones
  3. Click on Settings .
    Hide apps on Android phones
  4. Hide apps .
    how to hide apps on android 3
  5. Choose the app you want to hide. You can also search for it, and after completion, press Done .
    how to hide apps on android 4 scaled
Are you an iOS user? Then follow these steps if you want to hide apps on iPhone. 

You can also use Secure Folder!

Hide apps in Samsung's Secure Folder

If you are a Samsung phone user, then you can hide any app you have that you don't want anyone to see inside the Secure Folder. For several years now, Samsung smartphones with One UI have come with Secure Folder which is a secure, fully encrypted environment on your Samsung phone that can be protected by a passcode, fingerprint, or even facial recognition. Also, the cool thing here is that you can even use the above steps to hide the same Secure Folder icon on your Samsung phone as an extra protection measure.

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The strong feature here in the secure folder is that it is considered a separate application from the rest of the phone applications and the entire system, so that its data folder will not be found inside the android folder in the storage memory, and any application that you will hide inside it will also be invisible if you search for it in the file manager That is, anything inside the secure folder is permanently hidden from the system, as if you had never downloaded it! The only negative point is that every time you need to use the applications that you have hidden inside it, you will first need to open the Secure Folder icon, and then open the application you want.