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Download GBox .APK 1.3.30 “Google Services” for Huawei devices 2023 in a new way!


Download GBox .APK 1.3.30 “Google Services” for Huawei devices 2023 in a new way!

Now get all the official Google applications, including the Play Store, on the new Huawei phones with versions EMUI 12 to 13 in 2023 via the GBox application. If you do not know, Huawei smartphones were at some point a very fierce competitor to smartphones in their current form, and since the start of the US ban on Chinese companies, the company began losing its large market share at that time, almost three years ago in 2019.

In fact, the company did not stop at this point, and struggled hard through this crisis by launching AppGallery store Which is supposed to be a competitor to the Play Store for downloading apps from its users, which is a really good store if you ask me, and they even created an entire operating system called HarmonyOS So you can get out of the mantle of Google permanently.

But the problem here is that as users of the Android system we have become accustomed to using the phone in a certain way, and we are also accustomed to the presence of some necessary tools, all of which happened to be developed by Google. These tools include but are not limited to important applications such as YouTube, Maps, Gmail, applications that also require the presence of Google services or “GMS” like Uber.

Therefore, with the distinction of the Chinese company’s phones in terms of internal hardware, wonderful design, and even the low price, so that it can compensate its users for the absence of these services, the user who buys a phone from Huawei always searches for a way to obtain the usual services for him on his new phone. Over the past years, many methods and applications have appeared, such as: GSpace as well Chat Partner And also another way by Dual Space. While these methods may still work today, there is a new way to get Google services, which is by using an app called GBox.

What is GBox?

GBox apk

GBox “Google Box shortcut” is a free application that allows the user to install and “run” official Google applications such as: Play Store, Gmail, as well as YouTube, and some other applications. This is other than downloading these applications as apk files and installing them directly on your phone from Huawei, which is the method that unfortunately will not work because these applications require the so-called GMS package or official Google services for the phone, and here appears the role of the GBox application, which creates a suitable environment to run these applications so that it deceives the store Google that these applications are used on a different phone, not from Huawei, and the result here is that you can log in to your official accounts as usual.

Download GBox

appGoogle Box
Last updated1.3.30 (Jan 7, 2023)
the size93 MB
packagecom. gbox. android

Download GBox apk from the official website

Installation steps and how to use

  1. From the previous links, download the application on your Huawei phone and install it.
  2. Allow him access to the powers he needs.
    Install GBox on Huawei phone
  3. From the app’s main menu, open Play Store.
  4. Now sign in with your Google account.
    Install GBox on Huawei Device 02
  5. Here you will see a notice from the app that it has “tricked” Google into thinking that your phone is from Xiaomi, not Huawei.
    Install GBox on Huawei Device 03
  6. Now try searching for any app from Google let’s say Google Photos and install it.
    Download the Google Photos app on a Huawei phone
  7. Once the download is finished, a notification will appear below to add this app to your home screen, tap Add.
    Install GBox on Huawei Device 05
  8. Finally, you will find that the new application is now within the contents of your GBox application.

Once installed and running, you will notice that GBox suggests you to download some necessary Google apps with it. But from our experience, what we only downloaded through is the Play Store, and then through the Android Store itself we downloaded all the apps that we wanted to try later.

Once you download any application from the Play Store, you will have the option to place a shortcut to this application on the main phone screen, meaning that you will not need to run GBox here first every time you want to launch an application from Google – but you should know that it will work in background constantly, which means that you may notice the battery drain more than usual, especially since the phone asks you to “not put it” in the phone’s energy optimization system, and I strongly advise you to agree to this request!

Install GBox on Huawei Device 07

And to prevent distraction, any application that you have downloaded via GBox will have its own icon in the lower left pane showing its own small green icon.

Install GBox on Huawei Device 08

If you want to delete an app that you downloaded, simply open the app, on the home page, long press on the app you want to remove, and select Delete.

How to delete apps installed in the GBox app on a Huawei phone

Official Google Apps on Huawei!

As for the performance of the GBox application, all of which were tested above on the Huawei Mate 50 Pro, we did not encounter any problem, suspension or slowness in any way, because it is constantly running in the background. All we needed to do here was sign in to a Google account within the Play Store app, which in turn automatically synced the same account across all other Google apps as usual. YouTube was working as it should, plus the Google Maps app was able to get the phone’s current location very accurately and without errors.

The only problem that appeared here was with the Gmail app that was “not receiving” new mail quickly and was sometimes delayed, plus it didn’t show any notifications when new mail came in. We also had trouble trying to use an app Google Messages As a basic messaging app because the system EMUI 13 It itself did not recognize it since it is running inside the GBox environment and not as a normal application installed on the phone. Other than that, we had no problem getting it to work.

In fact, as a Huawei user, I’m really enjoying using the Google Box app right now. The issues I mentioned earlier are to be expected given that this is just a new way to get around Huawei phones not running official Google apps normally, but I’m honestly glad that I was able to run all my important apps on EMUI without having to go through complicated steps like the previous methods. .

Download GBox on Huawei Device

GBox “Google Box shortcut” is a free application that allows the user to install and “run” official Google applications such as: Play Store, Gmail, and also YouTube, and some other applications.


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